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Your Ultimate Guide To Dubai REST App

Posted on 15-12-2023
Posted by Kashaf Mansoor

The Middle East has always been known for its latest and cutting-edge technology and innovative infrastructure all around the globe, especially for its incredible real-estate industry. That’s where the Mobile App Development company in Dubai plays a vital role in this Emirati empire. Dubai has shown tremendous growth in developing innovative mobile apps over the past few years, and one of its most popular mobile apps is the Dubai REST app (Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction)

Launched in 2018 by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the department of regulatory authority of the real-estate sector in Dubai, the REST app is a smart and one-stop digital platform that offers real estate solutions completely online.

However, keep in mind that contrary to its name, the Dubai REST application not only serves a wide range of real estate services to landlords, tenants, property brokers, or other stakeholders in Dubai but also in the entire UAE region.

Let’s delve deeper into the purpose, user-friendly features, benefits, and services offered by the Dubai REST app:

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Dubai REST App: The Complete Digital Real-Estate Solution

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) was established in 1960 to serve the real estate sector of the Middle East as well as the international stakeholders and investors. The purpose of this organization is to spread awareness regarding Dubai’s real estate industry and also to promote investment opportunities. While staying ahead of the global competition, DLD has four active organizations:

  • Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), the regulatory arm 
  • Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm
  • Rental Dispute Center, the judicial arm

What is Dubai REST App?

The rental market of Dubai has been growing exceptionally, and as reported by the Khaleej Times, “Dubai’s prime residential market is set for the world’s strongest growth in 2023.” Therefore, the initiative of the Dubai REST app is a great platform for stakeholders to set up their on-demand rental marketplace. 

The mobile app offers authentic, real-time, and data-driven real estate solutions for owners, brokers, or any other stakeholders or international investors in the Middle East. Also, mobile applications are gaining massive amounts of success and growth in the Middle East, and they are becoming the most used means of digital communication to bring technological innovations.

Dubai REST App: The Complete Digital Real-Estate Solution

Not only this, mobile applications are now one of the prominent and most used marketing strategies of businesses in Dubai. They are also helping them reach a larger target audience and achieve maximum ROI while also boosting overall organizational efficiency and success.

The exceptional Dubai REST application aims to offer completely paperless real estate transactions and services at the convenience of your fingertips without any need to visit the offices. Currently, it has a goal to serve more than 300,000 owners, 700,000 tenants, potential investors, and beneficiaries of the real estate marketplace in the Middle East as well as globally.

How to Use the Dubai REST App?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to use the free and smart Dubai REST application mentioned below:

  1. You can download the Dubai REST app for free on your PC, Android phone, or iPhone from any digital app store, such as Google Play Store or iOS Software Store. The app is also available in English and Arabic language on Android and Apple stores.
  2. Enter the required details from your UAE Pass, or you can also use the direct registration process on Dubai REST app to create your account.
  3. Your Emirates ID is required after logging in to the account to register as a tenant or a property owner.
  4. Wait for a while for confirmation by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) after the submission of your Emirates ID. 
  5. After approval by DLD, you can access all of the details regarding the properties, such as their current prices, rental returns, and service charges.

However, by following these steps, you can only create an account or login on the Dubai REST app. If you want to update your profile, you must visit the nearest Property Trustee office or the DLD office.

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What are the Key Features of the Dubai REST App?

This smart Dubai REST application offers you a wide variety of real estate transactions and services to choose from on the go. Many brokers, investors, owners, and real estate businesses use various key features of the Dubai REST application, which are:

1. Real-Time Information

The stellar and most important feature of the REST app is its ability to show real-time information. This feature enables all of the investors or beneficiaries to get complete details of the off-plan properties in Dubai simply by using this innovative mobile application. 

You can keep track of ownership information, the progress of the construction under development, property prices, your transaction status, history, and remaining dues, preview the actual images, and a lot of other details regarding your property.

Apart from that, the REST API also provides information about the rental index and sales index in Dubai. By utilizing this feature of the app, you can make well-informed decisions regarding the buying and selling of your properties.

2. Real Estate Brokers

Another great feature of the REST app is that it provides a directory of licensed real estate brokers offering their services in Dubai. You can check their names, IDs, and performance levels to help you choose the most suitable and dependable agents among the pool of talented service providers. Besides this, you can also access important information regarding contractors, vendors, consultants, managers, certified dealers, etc.

3. Real Estate Services And E-Payments

All of the real estate services, like leasing, renting disputes, and selling, as well as transactions are also available on the REST app. On the other hand, you can also request and send applications, concerned letters, and valuation certificates by using the app. 

You can also buy, sell, or rent any apartment, villa, or townhouse in Dubai conveniently. The charges for all of these services can be paid through the certified digital payment portal in UAE, known as Noqodi.

4. Mortgages

The REST app, without a doubt, can also be used by banks to offer various services, including, but not limited to, transactions, mortgage lending and withdrawal, and other services. Therefore, the app is for more than just property owners, buyers, sellers, and tenants.

5. Property Transactions

The REST app also performs like a real estate wallet that enables its users to serve various types of real estate transactions. At the same time, users can also buy, sell, mortgage, or even rent their units in Dubai anywhere.

6. Complete Ownership Transfer Online

Users can also carry out the ownership transfer online by using the REST app without actually visiting the government offices. You can also upload the required documents and carry on the step-by-step transfer process till its completion.

Key Features of the Dubai REST App

Other Services of the Dubai REST App

Besides the key features of the REST app discussed above, it also offers other additional services, including:

  • Registration and Verification of title deed
  • Services catalog
  • Progress state and queries of the off-plan project with images
  • Transactions involving real estate of different types
  • Various certificate generations
  • Fee calculations

How many Categories are there in the Dubai REST App?

Basically, the Dubai REST app has three main categories, as mentioned below:

1. Real Estate Information

You can access a wide variety of information on the REST app regarding service providers such as brokers, asset managers, DLD partners, real estate developers, valuators, and many other maintenance and management companies.

2. Real Estate Transactions

You can also perform various activities, including buying, selling, renting, and multi-listing properties on the Dubai REST online completely, no matter where you are in the world.

3. Real Estate Services

The REST app also offers tenants and owners access to various DLD services, including property prices, property site plans, contract creation, transactions, and many more.

What are the Benefits of Using the Dubai REST App?

Other than time-saving features, the Dubai REST app also offers additional benefits and opportunities to its users. The app provides various significant benefits to all of the participants or stakeholders involved in the property and its transactions. Those benefits are:

1. Cost Saving

There is no need to visit government offices, or you are likely to see them less often than usual. The Dubai REST app offers you a cost-effective and convenient mobile app solution to perform all of your real estate transactions online. This benefit of the app can save you the further transportation costs involved in the process.

2. Transparent Information

The Dubai REST app also enables you to access real-time data and information, which shows increased transparency and dependability for its users. This feature improves the clarity regarding the business choices you make when buying, selling, or renting out a property.

3. Enhanced Security

The Dubai REST uses the latest and improved mobile app security tools and techniques to protect its users’ sensitive data and ensure greater privacy and security of their data. This feature of safe and secure private information provides users with a peaceful mental state during the buying or selling of a real estate property.

In a nutshell, the Dubai REST app offers a variety of benefits to anyone involved in the real estate industry, including tenants, property owners, brokers, managers, etc, to fulfill their real estate needs.

Experience the ease and intelligence of this user-friendly real estate mobile application — an all-encompassing solution catering to tenants, property owners, and real estate brokers alike. This innovative platform simplifies every aspect of real estate transactions, putting the power of seamless interaction in your hands. 

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Summing Up!

If you want to stay at the forefront of the real estate industry and achieve success in the vibrant UAE market, leverage the unparalleled capabilities of the Dubai REST app. This cutting-edge mobile application puts all your real estate needs at your fingertips. Whether you’re in search of a new property, aiming to sell, or seeking lucrative returns by renting out your investment. Look no further than this top-tier app in Dubai, UAE, to streamline and elevate your real estate ventures, setting new standards for efficiency and success.

With your DLD office just a tap away, you can address your real estate concerns effortlessly. Unlock the best property deals and connect with reputable agents across the UAE, ensuring a hassle-free and informed experience for all your real estate endeavors. 

Invest in your real estate success today by downloading the Dubai REST app – your key to streamlined transactions, lucrative deals, and unmatched solutions. Don’t miss out on transforming your property — take the leap and comment below to share your experience with a community that values excellence in every real estate transaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the REST app in Dubai used for?

Dubai REST app is a complete digital platform for real estate transactions carried out by real estate owners, tenants, agents, investors, and all other real estate service providers.

How to register in Dubai REST app?

For registration in the Dubai REST app, follow these steps:

  • Download the Dubai REST app from App Store or Google Play.
  • Click “Register”.
  • Choose your user type: Individual, Broker, Developer, etc.
  • Enter your Emirates ID number and mobile number.
  • Verify the OTP sent to your phone.
  • Create your password.
  • Mention your personal information for the profile.
  • Click “I agree,” to acknowledge the terms and conditions.
  • Your registration process has been completed.

How do I log into Dubai REST app?

To login to your Dubai REST app as a broker, tenant, or property owner, follow these steps:

  • Open the Dubai REST app 
  • Enter your required “UAE Pass” information. You can also use the direct registration process for account creation.
  • Enter your “Emirates ID” to register as a tenant or a property owner.
  • Wait for confirmation by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  • After approval by DLD, you can access all of the details related to the properties.

How do I register cohabitants on Dubai REST app?

To register cohabitants to your Dubai REST app, follow these steps:

  • Open the REST app
  • Select “Individual” and log in using UAE Pass
  • Use the UAE Pass app for self-authentication
  • Select the property from the Dashboard where you are a tenant
  • Click on manage co-occupants

How to register an Ejari contract in Dubai REST app?

If you are a property owner or a tenant, you can register your Ejari contract through the Dubai REST app by following these steps:

  • Select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘RERA’
  • Now, select ‘Register Ejari Contract’ and provide the required details for registration
  • Your registration for the Ejari Contract on Dubai REST app has been done

How to cancel Ejari in Dubai REST app?

To cancel your Ejari contract in the Dubai REST app, both the landlord and tenant must have their Emirates IDs as well as a copy of Ejari Certificate for reference. Another thing that’s necessary is the No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by the landlord. Moreover, tenants also need their last DEWA bill issued to them to proceed with Ejari cancellation. After fulfilling these requirements, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to the REST app.
  • Select “My Contracts” or “Manage Leases”.
  • Choose the Ejari contract you want to cancel.
  • Click on “Cancel Contract”.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Review and submit the application.
  • Pay the service fee (if applicable).
  • Wait for approval from the landlord and DLD.
  • Receive confirmation email upon successful cancellation.

How to renew Ejari on Dubai REST app?

To renew your Ejari contract in the Dubai REST app, you must have your Ejari contract details available and the required fee must be paid at the time of Ejari renewal. Then, you must follow these steps:

  • Log in to the REST app.
  • Select “My Contracts” or “Manage Leases”.
  • Choose the Ejari contract you want to renew.
  • Click on “Renew Contract”.
  • Review the contract details and renewal fee.
  • Pay the renewal fee.
  • Submit the renewal request.
  • Wait for confirmation from the landlord and DLD.
  • Receive a new Ejari certificate upon successful renewal.

How to download title deed from Dubai REST app?

To download the title deed from Dubai REST app, you must know your property location or reference number. After that, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the REST app.
  • Select “Property Search”.
  • Enter the property location details or reference number.
  • Click on “View Title Deed”.
  • Download the title deed PDF file.

Where is the rental index located in the REST app?

You can find The Rental Index under the RERA service option on the Dubai REST app. The index is used to estimate the rental value according to the property type, area, and annual rent.

What is RERA license in Dubai?

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is the Dubai Land Department’s regulatory Dubai’s land department that regulates the real estate market of Dubai. It also provides a legal framework and law enforcement for all of the parties involved in the real estate sector.



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