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ZFIX & LINEN is your reliable one-stop-shop in the UAE for all your upkeep and handyman needs. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions from electrical and plumbing services to painting and fencing. With customizable plans, worry-free service, and qualified personnel They are dedicated to delivering exceptional maintenance services.

Let's find out about ZFIX's remarkable success story in collaboration with Invictus Star Technology. This case study unveils how our expert PPC services transformed their online presence, helping them overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results.



Operating in a highly competitive niche, ZFIX faced the challenge of ranking higher on search results and driving increased traffic and conversions. Through our strategic PPC partnership, we addressed these hurdles head-on, delivering exceptional outcomes.

Highly Competitive Niche

ZFIX faced intense competition in their industry, requiring strategic differentiation to stand out from competitors.

Ranking Higher on Search Results

The challenge was to improve ZFIX's search engine rankings and increase their visibility to target customers.

Increase Traffic & Conversions

ZFIX aimed to drive more qualified traffic to their website and convert those visitors into valuable leads and customers.

Our PPC Plan Execution

Our PPC Plan Execution

Through meticulous planning and flawless execution, we crafted a tailored PPC strategy for ZFIX. We conducted rigorous keyword research, crafted captivating ad copy, and employed strategic bidding techniques to skyrocket their online visibility and propel their business growth.

Our PPC Strategy

Harnessing the power of targeted keyword selection, refined ad campaign optimization, and cutting-edge analytics, we propelled ZFIX towards their goals. Our vigilant monitoring and constant fine-tuning ensured an impactful strategy, delivering awe-inspiring outcomes that surpassed expectations.

Our PPC Strategy

Budget and Results

Final Results

Increase overall website ranking, improve website traffic and gather massive conversions through strategic PPC services.


Increase in Average CTR


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Conversions


Increase in Impressions

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