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Spirits of Speed, a prominent automotive trade hub in Spain, sought to capitalize on the growing demand for luxury vehicles. To meet the rising demand for high-end automobiles in Spain, Spirits of Speed was founded in 2018 as the country's first Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealership. However, they required PPC services and eventually partnered with Invictus Star Technology, a leader in PPC services, stepped in to rev up their online presence. This case study highlights the challenges faced, our PPC plan execution, strategy, and the remarkable results achieved.



Highly competitive niche, ranking higher on search results, and increasing traffic and conversions in the luxury vehicle market.

Highly Competitive Niche

Spirits of Speed needed to stand out in a fiercely competitive market, capturing attention amidst a sea of luxury vehicle dealerships.

Increase Traffic & Conversions

Spirits of Speed aimed to maximize their online presence, driving not just more visitors but also converting them into loyal customers.

Ranking Higher on Search Results

Improving search engine visibility was crucial to attract customers and driving targeted traffic to the website.

Our PPC Plan Execution

Our PPC Plan Execution

Invictus Star Technology carefully crafted a tailored PPC plan to propel Spirits of Speed towards success. By leveraging vehicle and transport-related vocabularies, we strategically targeted potential customers actively searching for luxury vehicles, ensuring the right audience reached Spirits of Speed's virtual showroom.

Our PPC Strategy

We conducted in-depth keyword analysis, identifying high-intent, industry-specific keywords that resonated with Spirits of Speed's target audience. To maximize local impact, we focused on Barcelona and surrounding areas, reaching potential buyers who were more likely to convert. We also crafted captivating ad copy to click and explore Spirits of Speed's offerings. Our team monitored and optimized the PPC campaign regularly, refining keywords, adjusting bids, and improving ad performance to achieve optimal results.

Our PPC Strategy

Budget and Results

Final Results

Spirits of Speed witnessed a significant surge in website traffic, higher search rankings, and an upturn in conversions within a short span.


Increase in Average CTR


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Conversions


Increase in Impressions

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