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MODEC International, a well-known supplier of high-quality building materials, faced significant challenges in a fiercely competitive niche. Their aim was to rank higher on search results, increase website traffic, and drive conversions to fuel their business growth. To address these goals, MODEC partnered with Invictus Star Technology for their expertise in PPC services.



Operating in a highly competitive niche, MODEC faced the challenge of ranking higher on search results and driving increased traffic and conversions. However, they got our strategic PPC services and as a team of PPC professionals, we addressed these hurdles head-on, delivering exceptional outcomes.

Ranking Higher on Search Results

Improved visibility on search engines was crucial for attracting qualified leads and increasing brand exposure.

Highly Competitive Niche

MODEC operated in a market flooded with competitors vying for customers' attention. They needed a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

Increase Traffic & Conversions

MODEC sought to drive targeted traffic to their website and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Our PPC Plan Execution

Our PPC Plan Execution

As MODEC International faces the challenge to rank higher and get conversions, Invictus Star Technology implemented a meticulous PPC plan. We conducted extensive market research to identify the most relevant keywords and trends. Our team crafted compelling ad copies that highlighted MODEC's unique value proposition. Through laser-focused targeting, constant monitoring, and data-driven optimization, we ensured maximum visibility, increased website traffic, and drove conversions. Our PPC plan was executed with precision to deliver exceptional results for MODEC's business growth.

Our PPC Strategy

We conducted in-depth market research to identify the most relevant keywords, trends, and customer preferences. This enabled us to optimize MODEC's PPC campaigns effectively. On the other hand, the content team crafted engaging and persuasive ad copies that highlighted MODEC's unique value proposition and encouraged clicks from potential customers. Leveraging advanced targeting options, we precisely reached MODEC's target audience, maximizing the chances of attracting qualified leads.

Our PPC Strategy

Budget and Results

Final Results

The strategic PPC campaigns successfully drove a surge of targeted traffic to MODEC's website, expanding their reach and brand exposure.


Increase in Average CTR


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Conversions


Increase in Impressions

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