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From Souks to Skyscrapers: 10 Best Taxi Apps in Dubai for Your Dream Trip (2024)

Posted on 14-05-2024
Posted by Kashaf Mansoor

Dubai, the crown of the UAE and the city of amazing skyscrapers and never-ending deserts, is a place where luxury and convenience fuses together. And what’s a better way to experience all of these dazzling views of the metropolis than from the comfort of your own ride or a top-notch taxi service? But with so many options in the competitive market of ride-hailing, choosing the perfect taxi app in Dubai is like finding a way when you get lost in a forest.

That’s why navigating this metropolis of luxury and tech innovations is very challenging in this cutting-edge ecosystem of taxi apps in Dubai. And in this fast-paced world, hailing cabs on the street is now an outdated idea, as convenience reigns supreme in this era.

Taxi App Revenue in UAE statistics

According to Statista, Dubai boasts one of the highest taxi app penetration rates globally with over 6 million downloads across the top six apps alone. Moreover, Dubai’s taxi apps are projected to generate a revenue expected to hit $199 milion in 2024 and a user penetration rate expected to reach 40.8% by 2028. The global revenue is also expected to reach $242.20 million by 2028, a testament to the popularity of taxi booking apps and the city’s insatiable demand for seamless mobility.

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That’s why we have compiled an amazing guide to unlock the secrets of Dubai’s top taxi apps and help you find your perfect ride. This guide will be your compass, leading you through the 10 best taxi apps in Dubai, each offering unique features and catering to different needs. From the budget-conscious RTA Dubai app to the swanky Uber Black , with insights from the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we’ll have you hailing your perfect ride in no time.

Which is the Best Taxi App in Dubai?

Let’s explore the best taxi apps in Dubai, from budget-friendly warriors to luxury chariots. The following apps for Dubai public transport are particularly designed to meet the daily requirements of residents looking to commute from one end to another.

Best Taxi App in Dubai layout

These taxi apps cover all significant routes alongside other salient features, making them an extremely useful tool for transportation. Here’s a sneak peek into the most popular taxi apps in Dubai:

1. RTA Public Transport Dubai

RTA Dubai Logo

As suggested by the name, the RTA in Dubai stands for the Roads and Transport Authority. It’s the government agency responsible for everything related to transportation in the Emirate, from planning and building roads and public transport networks to issuing driving licenses and regulating taxis.

The agency has developed the RTA Dubai app (iOS | Android) for public transport. The RTA app in Dubai is one of the most famous, time-saving apps to facilitate commuters using public modes of transport. Besides saving time, it benefits users with a range of online ticketing facilities such as Nol (electronic ticketing) card facilities.

Available on the RTA app, Nol offers smooth online transactions to facilitate travel all around Dubai. The RTA transport app also allows users to check the timetables for the metro, tram, bus, and water bus, as well as their Nol card balance, thus making transport extremely convenient for all.

The application comprises a total of 26 informational, interactive, and transactional services that facilitate seamless travel around the city for users. Commuters can also accumulate ‘Green Points,’ which is a travel reward scheme for travelers using the app regularly.

Key Features of the RTA Dubai Transport App

  • Informs about Nol card balance and offers top-up facility
  • Gives access to Nol card transaction history 
  • Allows you to apply for personalized or specially designed Nol card
  • Let you track the current status of online applications submitted
  • Manages your e-wallet account
  • Informs you about the expiry and renewal of the travel pass
  • Reports a technical issue and provides feedback 
  • Offers secure online payments on the app via mPay and ePay 
  • Locates the nearest RTA centre with GPS functionality 
  • Gives reward through a collection of “green points”
  • The application size is 101.1 MB (iOS) and has no cost to download

2. Careem Dubai

Careem Dubai Logo

Well-established as the first choice for car booking apps in the Middle East and North Africa, Careem Dubai (iOS | Android) has long dominated as the best public transport and taxi app in Dubai and beyond. It is hassle-free and extremely personalized, with options to select a car according to preference and affordability. Moreover, you can also schedule your ride by choosing between options like “ride now” or “schedule a ride for later.”

Once you have customized your ride, you can tap on “Yallah!” to confirm the booking. Details, including the designated Captain, car, estimated arrival time, and route to the destination, will be generated alongside the notification for booking confirmation.

Quite rightly, Careem is counted amongst the best public transport apps in Dubai for it allows customers to share real-time locations with friends and family as well.

Key Features of the Careem Dubai App

  • Flexibility to choose when and how to ride (choice of cars and bikes) 
  • Track of real-time location of Careem taxi
  • Details about the Captain and booked car 
  • Easy payment through cash, credit card, or Careem credits
  • Provides a fare estimate before the ride (however, this may change depending on the rush hour)
  • A fool-proof GPS enables accurate pick-up and drop-off
  • Efficient round-the-clock customer support service
  • Available in English, Arabic, French, and Turkish
  • The Careem app size is 148.2 MB (iOS), whereas it is 37 MB on Android. It is free to download.

3. Hala Taxi 

Hala Taxi Logo

Hala, a familiar sight on Dubai’s roads, offers a dependable and affordable way to get around the city. These standard taxis are readily available throughout Dubai, making them a convenient choice for everyday commutes or quick trips. While fares are metered and adhere to a standard rate, the additional benefit of booking a Hala taxi through the Careem app allows for upfront fare estimates and a wider range of payment options. This includes cash, credit card, or even using your Careem credit for a seamless experience. Whether you hail one on the street or book through the app, Hala taxis are a reliable and budget-friendly transportation solution for navigating Dubai.

Booking a Ride with Hala Taxi App

You can book Dubai Taxi (Hala) via Careem app in the following steps: 

  • Download the Careem app and create an account 
  • Select “Hala Taxi” as your choice of ride in the Careem app
  • Select the location from where you want to be picked up. If it’s your current location, you can simply click on ‘Confirm pickup’ to let your GPS share your location with the driver
  • Enter your drop-off destination next
  • Choose between ‘Hala (Dubai Taxi)’ or ‘Hala Van (Dubai Van)’ from the list of car types as per your need
  • Select card, cash, or Careem credit as your payment option. 
  • When you’re ready to ride, tap on “Yallah” and track the arrival of the Captain
  • Details about the Captain coming to pick you up are provided as soon as you book so you know who to lookout for

Key Features of the Hala (Dubai Taxi) App

  • Provides estimated time of arrival
  • Same price per km as street-hailed RTA taxis
  • Collection of Careem points for every ride
  • Multiple payment options including cash, card, or Careem credit
  • Sharing of ride details with others
  • 24/7 sanitization
  • Availability of hand sanitizer in every taxi
  • Fast pickup service (within 3 minutes of booking)
  • Hand-free payment options via app
  • Instant safety feedback
  • The size of the application in iOS is 148.2 MB whereas 37 MB in Android. It is free to download. 

4. Uber Dubai

Uber Dubai Logo

Another competitive ride-hailing app is Uber UAE, internationally acclaimed for its super-easy and fast transport service. The Uber Dubai app (iOS | Android) is extensively used by thousands of customers to connect with available riders within minutes as they hurry to catch flights or get home as soon as possible after a tiring day at work. 

Besides this, the ride-hailing app also offers Helicopter taxis. You can even arrange a 15-minute helicopter tour of the entire Dubai. You can pre-book UberCHOPPER, also referred to as Helicopter Taxi, to take a tour of the city from the top. 

Key Features of the Uber Dubai App

  • Hassle-free pickup and drop-off 
  • Wide range of ride types 
  • Readily available at Dubai International Airport
  • Sky-touring with UberCHOPPER
  • Allows splitting of ride fare with ‘ride sharing’ option
  • Available in multiple languages including English, Arabic, and French
  • Uber UAE application’s size is 353.3 MB in iOS and is free to download. 

5. S’hail

Shail App Logo

S’hail, call it a complete package of transportation services packed into one platform. Whether you want to book a Careem captain or Uber driver, the Shail app (iOS | Android) has you covered. Besides being integrated with the top transportation apps, S’hail provides information related to tram, Dubai Metro (red or green line), buses, as well as options for taxi booking in Dubai or limousine.

What’s more; S’hail goes the extra mile to help you decide between choosing a taxi or limo (when you can’t) by giving real-time traffic updates for you to judge better. It effectively customizes trips according to the preferences of the users with surprising accuracy. 

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Key Features of the S’hail App

  • A simplified platform for online booking of rides including ‘Ekar’ and ‘UDrive.’
  • Provides schedules for Dubai metro, tram, and buses
  • Provides fare estimates based on current rates
  • Provides real-time traffic updates 
  • Available in English and Arabic
  • Fortunately, the S’hail app does not occupy too much of your phone’s memory. It is of size 70.5 MB in iOS and 16 MB in Android. Needless to say, it’s free to download. 

6. Dubai Taxi Corporation (Dubai Taxi Company)

Dubai Taxi Corporation Logo

The next ride-hailing app on our list is the smart DTC app that is intended to facilitate customers with reserved taxis and limousines in seamless transportation service. Integrated with Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Control Centre, the DTC smart app is aligned with the Reservation and Distribution Centre at the Public Transport Agency at the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). It achieves this through advanced technologies, enabling the booking of rides and customer requests for various transportation in a smooth, hassle-free way. 

Booking a Ride with the DTC Smart App

  • Download the DTC Smart app (iOS | Android) and register yourself  
  • Select and reserve the vehicle of your choice from a fleet of available vehicles
  • The DTC smart app searches for the nearest vehicle around the entered location and automatically sends it to the customer
  • Travelers are required to pin their locations on the map and select the pickup location
  • Payment can be done directly via cash or through a credit card
  • New and innovative services are consistently added to the app to provide more options for users and enhance their traveling experience in Dubai. 

Key Features of Dubai Taxi Corporation App

  • Comprises of a range of vehicles including taxis, limos, and other delivery services
  • Provides real-time calculation of fares and direct tracking of the flight path
  • Allows instant reservation as well as rescheduling of reservation in three simple steps
  • Easy down, installation, and easy usage
  • Professional drivers (male and female both)
  • Availability of discount packages 
  • Availability of cash and credit card payment options 
  • Safe, modern, and comfortable vehicles
  • Availability round-the-clock
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Safe payment methods
  • Quick customer support

The DTC smart app is of size 16 MB on Android and free to download. That’s about all the public transport apps in Dubai that we can recommend to any traveller or resident in the city. Using these e-services for transport, you can enjoy a hassle-free ride around the city anywhere and at any time. These apps for public transport in Dubai are cost-effective and efficient.

7. Blacklane

Blacklane Logo

Blacklane elevates your travel experience by offering a global network of professional chauffeurs and high-end vehicles. Whether you need a sleek sedan for a business meeting, a spacious SUV for a family trip, or a luxurious limousine for a special occasion, Blacklane has the perfect car in Dubai to suit your needs.

Booking a Ride with the Blacklane App

  • Download the Blacklane app (iOS | Android) and create an account.
  • Choose your desired vehicle type and enter your pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Select your preferred ride time and view the upfront fare for complete transparency.
  • Relax and enjoy the ride while your professional driver handles the navigation and ensures a smooth journey.
  • Payment is processed securely through the app at the end of your ride.

Key Features of Blacklane Dubai

  • Blacklane operates in over 50 countries and 250 cities worldwide, offering consistent service wherever you travel.
  • Experience a stress-free ride with courteous, licensed, and English-speaking professional drivers.
  • Choose from a fleet of high-quality, well-maintained, and stylish cars to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Know the cost of your ride before booking, with no hidden fees.
  • Blacklane also offers airport transfers, hourly bookings, and meet-and-greet services for added convenience.

Unlike the free, readily available regular ride-hailing apps, Blacklane caters to a more premium travel segment at a higher price points. Blacklane offers a curated experience with guaranteed quality and upfront pricing. Booking lead time might be required, especially for peak travel times or specific vehicle types. For those seeking a touch of luxury and ultimate convenience, Blacklane provides a seamless and stress-free travel solution around the globe.

8. WOW

WOW Dubai Logo

WOW Rides also caters to those seeking a premium ride-hailing experience. They offer a fleet of luxury cars with professional drivers for a comfortable and stylish journey. Glide through the city in a sleek sedan, arrive at your important meeting in a chauffeured SUV, or make a grand entrance for a special occasion in a limousine. No matter your preference, WOW Rides ensures a first-class travel experience every time.

Booking a Ride with the WOW App

  • Download the WOW Rides app (iOS | Android) and register for an account.
  • Select your desired vehicle type from a range of luxury cars.
  • Enter your pickup and destination locations for a fare estimate.
  • Confirm your booking and track your driver’s arrival in real-time.
  • Payment can be done conveniently through the app using various methods.

Key Features of WOW Rides

  • Choose from a variety of high-end cars for a luxurious travel experience.
  • Enjoy a comfortable and safe ride with courteous and well-trained professional drivers.
  • Get faster pickup times compared to regular ride-hailing services.
  • Some WOW Rides vehicles may offer water, Wi-Fi, and other in-car amenities.

9. Yango

Yango Logo

Yango is a popular ride-hailing app known for its focus on transparency and upfront pricing. Users can see the estimated fare before booking, ensuring there are no hidden costs. Yango goes beyond just fares, they also prioritize driver well-being with features like digital tools for efficient operations and support specialists. This focus on transparency creates a smoother experience for both riders and drivers.

Booking a Ride with the Yango App

  1. Download the Yango app (iOS | Android) and create an account.
  2. Enter your desired pickup location and destination.
  3. The app will display the estimated fare and available drivers nearby.
  4. Choose a driver and confirm your booking.
  5. Track your driver’s arrival on the map in real-time.
  6. Pay for your ride conveniently through the app using various payment options.

Key Features of Yango Dubai

  • See the estimated fare before booking for a transparent experience.
  • Yango operates in many cities worldwide, offering a wider reach.
  • Choose between cash, credit card, or other available payment methods.
  • Share your trip details with friends and family for added peace of mind.
  • The app is simple to navigate and use.

It’s important to note that Yango’s availability might be limited compared to some ride-hailing giants, so it’s always a good idea to check if the service operates in your area before relying on it. Additionally, driver availability can vary depending on your location and time of day.  Just like any ride-hailing app, you might experience wait times during peak hours or in less populated areas.

10. Abu Dhabi Taxi

Abu Dhabi Taxi Logo

The Abu Dhabi Taxi app is the official ride-hailing service for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It offers a reliable and convenient way to get around the city with a variety of taxi options, catering to different needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a standard taxi, a luxurious limousine, or a spacious van for a group outing, the Abu Dhabi Taxi app allows you to book the perfect ride for your journey.

Booking a Ride with the Abu Dhabi Taxi App

  1. Download the Abu Dhabi Taxi app (iOS | Android).
  2. Choose your preferred taxi type, such as regular taxi, luxury taxi, or accessible taxi.
  3. Enter your pickup location and destination for a fare estimate.
  4. Confirm your booking and track your driver’s arrival on the map.
  5. Payment can be done through the app or directly with the driver using cash or card

Key Features of Abu Dhabi Taxi

  • Offers a safe and reliable experience being the official ride-hailing app for Abu Dhabi.
  • Caters to different needs and budgets with options like regular taxis, luxury limousines, and spacious vans.
  • Book your ride directly through the app, eliminating the need to hail a taxi on the street.
  • Ensures transparency in pricing with clear meter readings throughout the journey.
  • The app likely offers support in both English and Arabic for user convenience. 
  • Some Abu Dhabi Taxi operators offer wheelchair accessible vehicles. It’s best to check within the app for availability.
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Conquering Dubai’s streets has never been easier! We’ve explored a diverse range of taxi apps in Dubai, from budget-conscious RTA and Hala to the luxurious Blacklane. Whether you’re a resident navigating the daily grind or a tourist seeking a touch of class, there’s a perfect app for your needs. So, ditch the hailing and embrace the convenience – download your favorite app today and experience Dubai’s vibrant transportation scene with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best taxi app for Dubai?

Finding the “best” taxi app in Dubai depends on your priorities:

  • For affordability: Hala taxis (through Careem) or Yango are strong contenders.
  • For convenience and car options: Careem offers a wider selection of vehicles, including budget-friendly Hala taxis.
  • For familiarity: If you already use Uber, you can book a taxi ride in Dubai with their app offering a user-friendly interface.
  • For luxury: If you crave a luxurious experience, Blacklane and Abu Dhabi Taxi provides a premium chauffeur experience.

Other options for choosing a taxi app in Dubai:

  • RTA or Dubai Taxi Corporation: Dubai’s government-regulated taxi service offers a reliable and affordable option with easily recognizable cream-colored taxis. You can hail them on the street or book through the RTA Smart Taxi App.
  • S’hail: This app focuses on providing taxis and limousines in Dubai, catering to a range of needs.
  • WOW: While not as widely used, WOW is another ride-hailing app worth considering for price comparisons.

However, remember that the best choice depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like budget, desired car type, familiarity with the app, and any ongoing promotions before making your decision.

Is Uber or taxi cheaper in Dubai?

For short trips, Careem (including Hala taxis) can be cheaper than Uber. However, Uber can be more competitive for longer trips, especially during peak hours when surge pricing might affect Careem. Consider using fare estimation features in both apps before booking.

Which is the cheapest taxi app in Dubai?

Generally, Hala taxis, booked through the Careem app, are considered the most budget-friendly option. They boast lower starting fares and per-kilometer rates compared to other ride-hailing services. Yango might also offer competitive fares depending on distance and time of day.

How to order a taxi in Dubai?

Ordering a taxi in Dubai is convenient with several options. For RTA taxis (cream-colored with rooftop signage), you can hail them on the street in designated safe zones. Alternatively, download the RTA Smart Taxi App for booking. If you prefer app-based services, Careem allows booking regular taxis or budget-friendly Hala rides. Uber is another familiar app for booking rides. You can also explore DTC, Blacklane, S’hail, WOW, Abu Dhabi Taxi, or Yango for taxi or limousine options depending on their availability and pricing.



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